Wild bees as pollinators

This is the shop of the WAB-Mauerbienenzucht, Germany. Here you can buy cocoons of the red mason bee (Osmia bicornis = rufa) and the horned mason bee (Osmia cornuta). We also trade with professional nesting material for mason beekeeping in orchards and for scientific and ecotox studies. We distribute our mason bee cocoons all over europe.

Mason bees are ideal pollinators for fruit crops in big orchards. They are easy to manage by right handling and with good nesting materials.

We deliver all over central europe from october until april.




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Single cocoons of the horned mason bee (Osmia cornuta)

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Small population of Osmia bicornis, 100 cocoons

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Delivery weight: 40 g

Small Nesting Block MDF 100

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