Osmia cornuta (Horned Mason Bee)

Osmia cornuta (Horned Mason Bee)

The Horned Mason Bee (Osmia cornuta) flies from mid of March until the end of April. They are a very good pollinator of all kinds of stone fruits, pears, and early kinds of apples. Also usable in strawberry tunnels and under foil.

The horned mason bee is a perfect addition for fruit complexes, even with enough honey bees, because unlike the honey bees are they even flying on colder days ( from 4°C with sun) and guarantee a pollination even under cool conditions.

Despite of its early appeareance is this kind of mason bee thermophile and lives just under 550 m AMSL. Its nesting sites need to be microclimatic convenient on sunny spots without wind.

Our horned mason bees come from southern Germany and belong to the Central European subspecies.

Shipping out of Germany from october until march.