Osmia cornuta (Horned Mason Bee)

Osmia cornuta (Horned Mason Bee)

The Horned Mason Bee (Osmia cornuta) flies from mid of March until the end of April. They are a very good pollinator of all kinds of stone fruits, pears, and early kinds of apples. Also usable in strawberry tunnels and under foil.

The horned mason bee is a perfect addition for fruit complexes, even with enough honey bees, because unlike the honey bees are they even flying on colder days ( from 4°C with sun) and guarantee a pollination even under cool conditions.

Despite of its early appeareance is this kind of mason bee thermophile and lives just under 550 m AMSL. Its nesting sites need to be microclimatic convenient on sunny spots without wind.

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For a first settlement in small orchards, gardens or balconies. At minimal amount of 10 cocoons.


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Delivery weight: 5 g

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Small population to start for orchards with early blooming sorts. Decent as a pollinator addition for colder days, if otherwise enough honeybees exist.


70.00 *
Delivery weight: 45 g

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Middlesize population for small to middle sized fruit-complexes. Also usable for establishing a bigger population or as a substantial pollinator-addition for early blooming stone fruits.

250.00 *
Delivery weight: 60 g

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Big starterpopulation for bigger stone fruit complexes. Foundation for the fast establishment of a big population and usable as substantial pollinator for early blooming fruits during cold days.

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Delivery weight: 170 g

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