Bee-hotel with 24 red mason bees (ash wood)

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A massive broadlaefwood (ash) beehotel (size 18 x 9 x 11 cm ) with 48 nesting holes for mason bees. Under the roof is a small chamber with 2 exits. It includes 24 cocoons of the red mason bee for the first establishment.

Place the beehotel on a sunny spot on a wall and attach it if possible. Then remove the protectionstripe from the chamber and everything is done. The bees hatch during springtime and colonize the nesting site. No more work has to be done afterwards and the nesting site can be reused for several years.

Don't store the beehotel after its arrival inside the housing space, otherwise would the bees hatch immediately. Place it on the envisaged space outside or store it really cold until spring.

Dispatch just between October and April

Anleitung Bienenhotel

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