Osmia bicornis = rufa (Red Mason Bee)

Osmia bicornis = rufa (Red Mason Bee)

Osmia bicornis = rufa (Red Mason Bee)

The Red Mason Bee (Osmia bicornis) flies from mid of April until end of May and is a very good pollinator of apples, pears and strawberries and late kinds of cherries. This robust bee can easily be used for big fruit complexes, smaller orchards, gardens or on balconies.

Our red mason bees belong to the common central and south european subspecies (Osmia bicornis = rufa ssp. globosa).

Shipping of cocoons from October to April. Reservations are possible during the whole year.

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For a first settlement of bees in small orchards, gardens or balconies. At the minimal of 10 cocoons.

0.75 *
Delivery weight: 3.6 g

Small population to start for small fruit complexes or big gardens. Optimal as pollinator- addition, if honeybees aren't available in required number. 

69.00 *
Delivery weight: 40 g

Middlesized population for small to middlesized fruit-complexes and the establishment of a big population.

250.00 *
Delivery weight: 40 g

Big population as main pollinator for big complexes of apples,pears, strawberrys and late kinds of stone fruits. Foundation for the fast establishment of a big red mason bee (Osmia bicornis) population.


550.00 *
Delivery weight: 100 g
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