Wooden nesting boards loose

Wooden nesting boards loose

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The breeding system with wooden nesting boards was designed for the professional breeding of mason bees in orchards and fruit complexes. The boards are approached by both species of mason bees.

The perfectly manufactured boards are opened during winterseason. Because of the special design with notches on both sides of the boards are the cocoons easily extracted and checked for occuring parasites. The breathable and weather resistant boards can be used for several years, if handled properly. To clean the boards just brush them and store them dry.

The boards need to be tightly connected without any gaps and a back wall to provide nesting sites for the bees. It's important, that no light can come from the side or back.

The red mason bee nests in holes with a diameter of 6-9 mm, what makes the boards with 8 mm diameter ideal. The horned mason bee prefers holes with a diameter of 7-10 mm, what makes the boards with 9 mm ideal. Both species also breed in the other size.  Each boards has space for around 60 breeding cells.

Dimensions: 160 x 90 x 14 mm. With 6 semiround nesting holes of 8 or 9 mm on each side.

The instruction Anleitung Holz-Nistbrettchen can be downloaded here.

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